PointsBet – Exclusive Betting Partner to La Liga North America

PointsBet is flashing the big guns with their La Liga North America partnership. The Spanish Soccer league is arguable the best in the world with two of the most well known rival teams worldwide – Real Madrid and Barcelona.

This partnership brings a lot of strategic value for both PointsBet and La Liga North America. With PointsBet being an up and coming sportsbook in the US and La Liga representing the fast growth of soccer in the US.

Boris Gartner, CEO of LaLiga North America

“Soccer is growing at a very fast pace in the US, and the role that LaLiga plays in that growth is important for fans and for brands in the region,”

“We are excited to grow with PointsBet in the market and enhance fan experience by bringing LaLiga closer to the fervent audience that exists in the US.”

As a part of the partnership, LaLiga North America will feature “PointsBet prediction of the week” in their programming slate. The show will be presented in both English and Spanish and hosted by former Liverpool star Luis Garcia, former US National Player Jimmy Conrad, and Chelsea Cabarcas.

Johnny Aitken, CEO of PointsBet USA.

“The PointsBet team and LaLiga North America are strategically aligned in presenting fans with the best, fastest and most engaging experience possible”

On top, three of LaLigas Ambassadors will be appointed as PointsBet Legends and will be given exposure on LaLigas website where they will share their betting predictions and promote PointsBet sportsbook.

It’s late in the soccer season but there is still a couple of months left and the partnership kick starts on March 15, just in time for the El Gran Derbi (Sevilla vs Betis).

This is PointsBets third official partnership with a major sports league. Prior to the signing of LaLiga they already had parnterships with the NBA and the XFL.

PointsBet square logo

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